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March 23, 2011
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Die Mutti ist Hier by goldenhan Die Mutti ist Hier by goldenhan
A Submission for :iconwelovetraditionalart: 's contest.

"Why do you look so far
for what is warm.
Why do you look so far
for a place for your heart.
I'm waiting here,
turn your head.
See me, I'm not far.
I'm here, in your heart tank."

--Die Mutter ist hier, Haruhana Akito

A short composed word for this deviation.
Inspired by the fishes in the tank. People seek for beauties and wonders so far. They seek in the deep, in the sky, everywhere. But do we realize? That the real wonder is just around us?

A metaphor of sea. I think sea is a mother. She gave everything to the living things. Place to live, nutritions, water, temperature control, etc.

the combination those two topics, made this deviation. The Mother isn't far. It's near us. Just like the sea's wonders in a small fish tank. Waiting just for you.

okay, stop the serious. Ahaha.... I'm glad this one finished. I made while I was having a school's final exams... ahaha... that's why I'm a bit complicated at that time...
Exam... study... draw...exam... study... draw... AAARGH!
But at last... Those are finished!!!! KYA!

So, sorry for replying your comments so late...
Pls keep commenting and give me critiques. And.... wish me luck to win this... ^^ Amen.
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catherinejao May 6, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
This is really cool! She's underneath all that, but she still stands out, wonderfully composed, even the seal is nicely placed :)
such an honour for me.... thanks...
any suggestions to make it better?
catherinejao Jun 16, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
hmm... it`s really quite good I think, but perhaps you can try more tonal differences, and try to think about which area you would like to emphasize and keep that relatively lighter than the rest? Good luck!
thanks a lot...
I've been practicing that since then...
Thanks a lot.
little-wild-one Apr 5, 2011
Woah, that looks like it took ages! So much detail! Leaves my entry far behind haha
well, it is. Because when u added the lighter colour and u want to add the darker, u'll have to wait until it's totally dry.
Thx, such an honour for me to hear such praise.
No, I believe everyone of us has their own beauty. Nobody's left behind~ we're all unique.. ^^ MAy I see ur entry?
little-wild-one Apr 7, 2011
Of course, don't laugh though!
Oh... Of course I'll laugh..
But I laughed because of its originality and colour composition that are really marvelous... I can't stop looking at its dragon body for an hour... ahaha.... really~ It's cool.
look all those details!! wow! your drawing is amazing!! :D
Thanks... Such an honour for me to hear such praise.^^
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